Graphite and OpenOffice

Just a short note to inform that it is now official that the next major update of will include native support for Graphite fonts – such as Tengwar Telcontar. However, I’m dismayed to see that this only applies to the Windows and Linux version, which means that, as far as I know, MacOS still lacks a viable way to use Graphite fonts.

Update: Except for XeTeX that is.



  1. Jill Jackson said

    That now support Graphite is great. I’ve heard first heard about Graphite from your website, and it seems really nice—but I really wish that there was any support for Mac OS X. It’s apparently been around for a long time—more than half a decade—and yet there it’s still unsupported. It’s a shame, because Apple otherwise pays a lot of attention to typography and fonts.

    (I love your Tengwar Telcontar typeface, by the way. It was exactly what I was looking for. It’s a shame that Graphite is a pretty rare technology.)

  2. Johan Winge said

    Thank you for your kind words! I will have to correct myself though; Graphite technology is in fact available, in XeTeX, which is great if you are into TeX type-setting. But I have no doubt that Graphite support will be more widespread in the future; OpenOffice is just one step on the way.

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